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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"You Not Laugh At Me"

A rare moment of the Labor Day BBQ, sitting on the lap of Ashley, the woman whose life she had earlier threatened.

I sat around the outdoor table with my family this past labor day chatting with Ashley. We both looked out at the backyard to see Ava chasing around Evan. She was very angry and screamed "AHHHHHH". Ashley and I did what came naturally and laughed to each other about it. But Ava is always aware of the people whose attention she has captured and when she saw us laughing, this made her very very angry! So much that she ran over to the table and screamed at Ashley "You Not Laugh at me!" Ashley was very frightened and shocked, she looked to me and we laughed again, we just couldn't help it. All of a sudden Ava's little chubby arms grabbed a large plastic outdoor chair and raised it above her head "SHUT UP! Or I'll throw this at you!!!" This ws no longer a laughing matter, Ashley looked stunned and I was very upset. My mother witnessed this as well and grabbed the chair from her as I demanded an apology. She was still very angry, "NO I'm Not sorry!" she repeated over and over. Until finally she caved and went over to hug Ashley. I saw the fear in Ashley's eyes as Ava's arms wrapped around the back of her neck. She smiled nervously and Ava said "I sorry".

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