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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's Not Easy Being Blue

Halloween fell on a Saturday this year and so I was very excited to go over early and watch as Desirie got the kids ready for trick-or-treating. This year they went as the Smurfs. Ava was a Smurfette, Evan was Papa Smurf and Luke was Baby Smurf. I was in such a rush to go over that I forgot my camera, luckily Desirie needed me to take pictures with hers.

Evan was the first to get ready, being the most cooperative and calm child. His face paint and beard went on and he was already clothed like Papa Smurf. Ava was next and Desirie had started to dress her in the bedroom. I snuck back to see a very round chubby face being painted up like a blueberry. I couldn't stop laughing. Ava had a very serious face on which made it all the more hilarious. As Desirie applied the paint, she talked about how Gargamel had created Smurfette to trick and gain control of the Smurfs, as she repeatedly said "she was the most beautiful thing the smurfs had ever seen and she had the most beautiful blonde hair!", Ava was gazing off into oblivion, maybe dreaming about magical blonde flowing hair. Desirie added some ruby red lip gloss and picked up a white jumper made of felt. Immediately she looked at me with a realization, that she was now going to have to attempt to pull this white dress over Ava's large blue head.

I of course had to assist. I instructed Ava to hold her arms up above her as straight as possible, Ava started panicking. "Will it come off!? Will it come off!!!?" I had to guess that she was referring to her face paint rubbing off on the dress. I assured her and Desirie started to lower the dress covering Ava. Half way down Avas arms went forward and she started shaking. "ABORT!" I screamed, as we lifted the dress back off her. I tried calming her down and she frantically screamed "AHHAHAHAHHAHAHA". This scenario happened once more again and I was at my wits end. I looked her directly in the eye and in a commanding voice I told her to close her eyes and keep her arms against her ears, and that I would do the rest. Desirie lowered the dress, Ava gave a bit of a struggle and we quickly tugged it as fast as possible fearing Ava would start flailing her arms inside the dress and rip it open. We were successful yet Ava was very upset still and started screaming about a smudge of blue face paint on her left hand. I assured her it would wash off, but she was freaking out.

On went the wig, and the white cap. Smurfette Ava was hilarious, she looked perfect. We all smiled and complimented her, but the expression on her face was unenthusiastic and she let out a loud scream. I sat her down and told her that no one would want to give her candy if she acted bratty all night. Evan happened to be getting something out of the closet and chimed in "But I'm good, so I'll get candy! Right?" I shot him look and smiled suspiciously "You sure do like to let us know you're the good kid!" It was true, he was the easy child.

So outside the little Smurfs marched following their Aunt Jayne with their mothers camera. They posed in the bushes outside and got very into it. Ava let out a scream every so often about her hair or not liking a sibling standing so close to her. Their cat Chewy was climbing up the front screen door as we stood on the porch. Ava became frantic, screaming "HIS CLAWS! He's HURTING HIS CLAWS!" A little while later Emilie sat next to Ava on the porch and their knees touched, Ava let out a whale of a scream. That neighborhood must be going nuts.

I talked to Ava about trying to be more relaxed and not so on edge, I told her she was a kid, that she was going to have a fun night, and she should be happy. At this, she looked off into space again and I snapped the shot above. I don't know what was in the air that day, but Ava was definitely in a crab apple mood. Her mood lasted long into the night during Trick-or-Treating as she muttered such lines like "Getta outta here", "UGHHHH" and "I can't take this anymore!". I don't what Kermit the frog was saying when he sang the song "It's not easy being green" because from what I could gather from my niece Ava, "It's no easier being Blue".

- Aunt Jayne

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