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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ava + Lasagna = Happiness

For Desirie's Birthday this year, my Mom served everyone Lasagna for dinner and made brownies for dessert. We all ate outside on lawn furniture around an outdoor table. Evan and Ava were sitting next to each other. As usual, Ava was chowing down while Evan was pretending to eat. Evan took one bite and claimed her was finished and could have his brownie. Ava was shoveling it in with a big grin on her face. Ava had already finished her first piece and Anna had gone ahead without permission and served her a second. We made an agreement with Evan, that he had to eat 10 more bites and then he could have his brownie.
Around the 5th bite he had forced down, my Mom walked outside to see him gagging and making a big ordeal. She saw his face and said "Alright, you've eaten enough!" After she said this, Ava got a panicked look on her face. Ava started to eat faster and looked very upset. My Mom walked in between the two of them and said "Okay, I'll take your plate!" At this Ava gritted her teeth and let out an anxious noise and said "no no no!", My Mother once more said "Alright, that's good enough Evan, you're done". All of a sudden Ava threw her body back back and screamed "NOOO" as her chair flew backwards with her in it. We all were very shocked, as we saw Ava's worried head poke up from behind the table. We all had a big laugh, but Ava was very mad, "I'm not done! Mormor!" My Mom looked at her very confused, "I was talking to Evan, not you Ava, you can finish." Ava was immediately relieved went right back to enjoying her lasagna.

- Aunt Jayne

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