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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sunday Morning Vanity

Sunday morning 7am: I wake up to Ava staring me directly in the eyes leaning on the side of my bed: "Get me a drink" is all she says in a very demanding, angry tone meant to scare me into submission. I suggested she get back in bed and we take a little snooze which she would have none of. She repeated her demand and I obliged, got out of bed and got her an orange juice. After this we returned to bed to read stories. There we were, laughing at the main character in the children's classic, "Harry the Dirty Dog," who runs away from home to escape the bathtub but realizes his family loves him and evetually returns home, filthy and hops in the tub. Attempting to make the story time as engaging as possible, I turned to Ava and asked her, "What do you wanna be when you grow up?" Below is the ensuing conversation...

Ava: I don't wanna grow up.
Me: Well, Ava, honey, everyone has to grow up. It can be fun!
Ava: No. I don't wanna grow up. [Tears begin to well in her eyes and a brief pause] What am I gonna look like?
Me: You're going to be a beautiful girl and tall just like your mom!
Ava: I don't wanna be tall! I just wanna be AVA! [Then she picks up a lock of her hair, gets teary again] Am I still gonna have my blonde hair?

- Cousin Lily

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