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Monday, November 30, 2009

Ava and the Handsome Target Stranger

My older sister Desirie told me this story this past summer. She was pushing Ava in a shopping cart while she was browsing the shoe aisle of Target when she heard very loud squeaky footsteps along side of her. When she turned to look, she saw a very terrifying man. She described him as a look-a-like to the homeless criminal in the 1990's Dennis the Menace Movie. If you can imagine the stringy hair,dirty oily face and hands, filthy clothes and of course heavy black boots. When Desirie saw this man she immediately panicked that Ava would see him and say something. So she grabbed a shoe off the shelve to distracted Ava. It worked! However, several minutes later while both her and Ava were sitting down trying on shoes, the homeless man walked past them again. Ava looked up as he passed and miraculously said nothing. Desirie was very relieved.
Shortly after, they got in line, paid for their purchases and were just passing the food court on the way out when all of a sudden Desirie heard Ava's voice "Hi, my name is Ava!" Desirie turned in horror to see the scary homeless man smiling at Ava. He said hello back and Desirie quickly left the store. As Desirie buckled Ava in her seat she lectured Ava on not being over friendly with strangers, "Don't speak to strangers Ava! And Never tell them your name!" Ava looked at Desirie and smiled "But Mama, he was SO SO handsome!"

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