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Archiving all the unbelievable actions and words that come from 4 year old Ava.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Ava's lost her first tooth!

She started at the same time as Evan, so both of them have been getting visits from the Tooth Fairy, Luke is quite jealous and often points to his teeth. I hope he doesn't do anything rash.

Halloween Update!

Like every year, Ava went as a brat for Halloween. Just Kidding, she was Wendy as in the Wendy's Fast Food Franchise. Though Ava put her own spin on the character, muttering "whatever", and doing little devilish things to all those around her throughout the evening. Here are some shots of Wendy along with her whole Fast Food Posse!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ava's Two Front Teeth

A week before the 4th of July Ava asked for a glass of juice. Her mother poured it half full, as it was a habit for Ava to never finish full glasses of juice, and instead leaving them in odd spots around the house for her mother to retrieve. When Ava saw that the glass was only half filled, she immediately demanded more, "I want more" she shouted. Desirie shook her head, "No, this is all you're getting, you waste too much juice!" All at once Ava screamed at the top of her lungs and became full of rage and anger. She took off running, fuming and red faced straight into the living room where she tripped and fell right into the corner of their coffee table. As a result of this tantrum Ava's two front teeth were smashed in and she had to go to the Emergency room. Thankfully both teeth are are still intact, one is just slightly crooked. But no worries, these are just Ava's baby teeth, only 2 more years and she'll have a brand new pair!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cooking with Ava

This image has convinced me that Ava will definitely have a future in cooking. She is just a natural in the kitchen. She is happy and confident while making anything sweet! Though her latest goal is to become an Ice cream Truck girl, I know she will achieve above and beyond all she hopes for.

Stuffed Sausages

"Those do not look like arms! they look like stuffed sausages!what a girl!" - Cousin Lily

Monday, May 3, 2010

2 Stories: Paparazzi and Pink!

The other day Ava walked up to her mother and asked what her Grandma Roddy's first name was. Desirie said "Her name is Brooks". Ava smiled up at Desirie very smuggly and said "I know what Grandpa Roddy's name is!" Desirie smiled thinking she would say just say the name Dave. But instead Ava blurted out "It's Paparazzi!" (She had heard her cousins call him papa Roddy and didn't understand what they had been saying). When Desirie heard her say this she burst out laughing and Ava got very angry, she thought she had really figured it out.

Desirie brought Ava into Sephora to pick out some cover-up. Desirie had to ask a salesgirl for help, she wanted to know if the makeup contained oil. The salesgirl looked very confused and didn't know where to look as she examined the bottle. Ava stood there getting frustrated as well and said with classic Ava 'tude, "Do you know what you're doing?" The sales girl smiled nervously at Desirie and Ava and asked a very flamboyant man dressed in a bright pink shirt working at the main counter if the makeup had oil. He threw his arms up and screamed in annoyance "ALL THE INFORMATION IS PASTED ON SHELVE!!!" To which Ava replied loudly "I don't like that Pink Lady!"

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Top of the cupcake to ya!

After enjoying a St. Patty's Day cupcake (well, the frosting) Ava, Nana and Sydney discussed a boy named Liam who Ava described as "brown" and "bad". She said she is going to marry him some day. Sydney suggested writing him a love letter to give him at school and Ava replied "and then jump on it" as she did a pelvic thrust. Not to worry though, Ava promised he would not be "bad" at the wedding! Ava departed the house with a hug and kiss from Mormor.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Chuckle

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

Friday, February 26, 2010

A Fear of Toys coming to Life

Story Told by Desirie (BigMama5)

I was downstairs doing laundry with Ava and she saw a big bag of her toys by the entrance of the laundry room and said "Wook mama theres my big pink pony!!!" I then went on to explain that we were going to go through all the toys in the basement and organize them by giving Evan his toys and putting them in his room and all of her toys in a container in her room. She looked at me like she had just seen a ghost and replied, "I dont think so!!! That pony is going to get me. Keep it down here."

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Preschool Picture Day

Ava Jayne Roddy
Taken Fall of 2009

Monday, February 8, 2010

"Was There Lots of Blood?"

Last year I opened Desirie's picture drawer to retrieve some old photos I wanted to convert. Evan and Ava were very involved and asking to see pictures of themselves. Now, most of these photos were pre-digital camera so the most recent photos Desirie had developed were of Evan as a baby. When Ava kept asking to see a picture of herself. The closest thing I could find for Ava was a picture of Desirie 8 months pregnant with her.

Aunt Jayne: Here Ava, you're in this picture.
Ava: Where?
Aunt Jayne: You're Mama is pregnant with you, you're in her belly!
(Ava concentrates on the picture and then slowly looks up)
Ava: Was there lots of blood?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Kids say the darndest things...but nothing comes close to Ava

Ava has recently given a review of her entire blog. She went over it with me this past Sunday and I am happy to share all of her thoughts and feelings.

Cousin Lily and Ava
(Squealed) "IILY!!!!!!!!!!!!"

(With a burst of excitement)"That's me Makin!"..."I'm Makin"

Roll it, pat it, and mark it with an A
"I'm more Makin!"

The little Bride
"I was scared"

Ava is the green grass
"Look! That's me in the Grass!"

Ava's baptism really made a splash
Simply shook her head and refused to believe she ever looked like this!

Mac Photobooth
Ava got very upset, expecially when all I said was "Your head looked very different when you were little".

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Threats from a 4 year old

This past Sunday I celebrated my 23rd Birthday with my family. It was a joy to see my nephews and nieces. I hadn't been able to see them all month because of the illness present in their home. Evan was a joy to see, he even wore his suit for the party because he wanted to look special for me. I got to show Ava and Evan their blogs and they were full of interest and comments. Ava refused to believe that the baptismal picture was actually her. She was most fond of the Babycake pictures of her at her play kitchen. Upon first seeing them she gasped and exclaimed "That's me Makin!"...."I'm Makin!".

Ava was very pushy while she ate her dinner, demanded someone cut her food and get her multiple glasses of root beer, that kind of thing. Her older Sister Emilie mentioned Strawberry milk and I responded with a comment on how the thought of it makes me ill. Ava was furious! "WHAT!" she screamed and slammed down her fork, "Strawberry milk is not make me ill, it makes me good!" I smiled at her, half scared for my life.

Later while opening my gifts, my Mom sat directly next to me. As she was about to hand me the present from my Dad and herself, Ava got in her face. Ava looked at my mother with a very stern and serious face. "You let me hand that gift or I'm going to ruin Jayne's birthday!" My Mom was speechless. Of course my Mom wasn't about to give in to Ava's threat. I think she was left deeply concerned is all.

After cake Desirie told all the kids to grab their coats and get ready to leave. Ava went down to the family room and went up to Ashley (Nicks girlfriend). She told Ashley she was going to give her a kiss, but she had to close her eyes. Ashley looked nervous. Ava started to inch closer to her cheek but noticed everyone was watching. "Nobody Look!!" she shouted. Ashley was very scared. Perhaps she thought Ava was going to put something in her ear. Ava inched very slowly to the side of Ashley's face and Ashley peeked. Luckily Ava didn't notice and gave her a peck. They have always had a very shaky relationship.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Twistin the Night Away

Ava and Boompie Dancing and havin a ball!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ava refusing to Smile

Ava was sitting happily in a chair in my parents living room last January, so I decided to grab my camera. I pointed the camera at her and said "Smile!", do you think she cooperated?
"Come on Ava, Smile!"


"Look Happy!"

Through Group colaberation we finally got the result...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Little Shorts, lots of attitude!

She had scraped her knee at the Memorial Day BBQ and went around showing all the men, describing her horrific fall and then in perfect Ava style, would ask them to kiss it and make it better.

Chunky Cosmonaut

Buckled in her jumbo carseat on a trip to Meijer.

Shopping at the local Meijer. I think their was a special on biscuits.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Ava After a Hard Day

After eating swedish meatballs, green beans and a whole cinnamon roll, Ava was tuckered out. She sat back on the remote controlled back massager and gave in to relaxation, I think her facial expression says it all! - December 14th 2009.

Springtime 2007

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cousin Lily and Ava

Cousin Lily has never been able to resist Ava's chub. When Ava was at her fattest (bottom picture) Lily would lovingly call her "Lady Tendertons" and say things in a hillbilly voice like, "I love you as if I borned you from my own womb".

Fresh Cut Bangs

Ava at 3

Ava on her 3rd Birthday, August 4th 2008.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ava in Hiding

This past summer, one bright sunny afternoon I was on the phone with my mom. When Desirie started beeping through trying to call my Mom, we tried finishing up our convo, but Desirie kept redialing. So my Mom told me she would call me back after she took the call from Desirie.

About 5 minutes later my Mom called back. She said that Desirie was in a panic and couldn't find Ava. She said that she was cleaning the house, vacuuming and had gone downstairs with the vacuum. When she walked back upstairs Ava was nowhere to be found, she searched all the rooms and even looked out front and back. Then she decided to recheck the rooms, she went into the boys room and found Ava passed out on the top bunk under her older brothers blanket. She had been hiding out from Desirie and had fallen asleep from the sound of the vacuum. Desirie was very relieved but had to call my Mom and tell her. Later that Day Ava was found laying down on Evan's lower bunk strumming Kyle's guitar. She must have had a stressful day.

A year previous to this happening, Desirie told Ava that she needed to take her nap for the afternoon. Ava did not go willingly to her bedroom, in fact she snuck out while Desirie was cleaning the house. Ava squeezed her body behind a chairs whole back cushion. Desirie assumed Ava was in bed when she started up the vacuum. You don't even have to guess what happened next. Ava was found sound asleep under the back chair cushion. She tried so hard to fight that afternoon nap!

A Hug from a Tender little Woman

February 2008, MorMor and Ava share a loving hug.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mischievous Eyes

Ava has always gotten that devilish look in her eyes from a very early age. You always knew when she had a wild idea brewing in her chubby little head. Desirie always hated this picture because she claimed that she looked "Possessed and crazed", and really she does!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Now We Know the Trick!

Evan got Swine Flu this past weekend and it developed into Pnemonia. My Mom and Anna brought over a Gatorade for Evan and Ava went ballistic.

Ava: Where is something for me?!!!
MorMor: Ava, Evan is sick!
Aunt Anna: Hey Ava? Can I squeeze your belly?
(Ava turns around and goes from totally enraged to totally enthused)
Ava: SUUURE!!!!

Sleepy Heads

Early morning car ride with Mormor and Anna!