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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Threats from a 4 year old

This past Sunday I celebrated my 23rd Birthday with my family. It was a joy to see my nephews and nieces. I hadn't been able to see them all month because of the illness present in their home. Evan was a joy to see, he even wore his suit for the party because he wanted to look special for me. I got to show Ava and Evan their blogs and they were full of interest and comments. Ava refused to believe that the baptismal picture was actually her. She was most fond of the Babycake pictures of her at her play kitchen. Upon first seeing them she gasped and exclaimed "That's me Makin!"...."I'm Makin!".

Ava was very pushy while she ate her dinner, demanded someone cut her food and get her multiple glasses of root beer, that kind of thing. Her older Sister Emilie mentioned Strawberry milk and I responded with a comment on how the thought of it makes me ill. Ava was furious! "WHAT!" she screamed and slammed down her fork, "Strawberry milk is not make me ill, it makes me good!" I smiled at her, half scared for my life.

Later while opening my gifts, my Mom sat directly next to me. As she was about to hand me the present from my Dad and herself, Ava got in her face. Ava looked at my mother with a very stern and serious face. "You let me hand that gift or I'm going to ruin Jayne's birthday!" My Mom was speechless. Of course my Mom wasn't about to give in to Ava's threat. I think she was left deeply concerned is all.

After cake Desirie told all the kids to grab their coats and get ready to leave. Ava went down to the family room and went up to Ashley (Nicks girlfriend). She told Ashley she was going to give her a kiss, but she had to close her eyes. Ashley looked nervous. Ava started to inch closer to her cheek but noticed everyone was watching. "Nobody Look!!" she shouted. Ashley was very scared. Perhaps she thought Ava was going to put something in her ear. Ava inched very slowly to the side of Ashley's face and Ashley peeked. Luckily Ava didn't notice and gave her a peck. They have always had a very shaky relationship.

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