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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ava in Hiding

This past summer, one bright sunny afternoon I was on the phone with my mom. When Desirie started beeping through trying to call my Mom, we tried finishing up our convo, but Desirie kept redialing. So my Mom told me she would call me back after she took the call from Desirie.

About 5 minutes later my Mom called back. She said that Desirie was in a panic and couldn't find Ava. She said that she was cleaning the house, vacuuming and had gone downstairs with the vacuum. When she walked back upstairs Ava was nowhere to be found, she searched all the rooms and even looked out front and back. Then she decided to recheck the rooms, she went into the boys room and found Ava passed out on the top bunk under her older brothers blanket. She had been hiding out from Desirie and had fallen asleep from the sound of the vacuum. Desirie was very relieved but had to call my Mom and tell her. Later that Day Ava was found laying down on Evan's lower bunk strumming Kyle's guitar. She must have had a stressful day.

A year previous to this happening, Desirie told Ava that she needed to take her nap for the afternoon. Ava did not go willingly to her bedroom, in fact she snuck out while Desirie was cleaning the house. Ava squeezed her body behind a chairs whole back cushion. Desirie assumed Ava was in bed when she started up the vacuum. You don't even have to guess what happened next. Ava was found sound asleep under the back chair cushion. She tried so hard to fight that afternoon nap!

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