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Friday, January 29, 2010

Kids say the darndest things...but nothing comes close to Ava

Ava has recently given a review of her entire blog. She went over it with me this past Sunday and I am happy to share all of her thoughts and feelings.

Cousin Lily and Ava
(Squealed) "IILY!!!!!!!!!!!!"

(With a burst of excitement)"That's me Makin!"..."I'm Makin"

Roll it, pat it, and mark it with an A
"I'm more Makin!"

The little Bride
"I was scared"

Ava is the green grass
"Look! That's me in the Grass!"

Ava's baptism really made a splash
Simply shook her head and refused to believe she ever looked like this!

Mac Photobooth
Ava got very upset, expecially when all I said was "Your head looked very different when you were little".

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