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Monday, February 8, 2010

"Was There Lots of Blood?"

Last year I opened Desirie's picture drawer to retrieve some old photos I wanted to convert. Evan and Ava were very involved and asking to see pictures of themselves. Now, most of these photos were pre-digital camera so the most recent photos Desirie had developed were of Evan as a baby. When Ava kept asking to see a picture of herself. The closest thing I could find for Ava was a picture of Desirie 8 months pregnant with her.

Aunt Jayne: Here Ava, you're in this picture.
Ava: Where?
Aunt Jayne: You're Mama is pregnant with you, you're in her belly!
(Ava concentrates on the picture and then slowly looks up)
Ava: Was there lots of blood?

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