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Monday, December 28, 2009

The Little Bride

Ava was the Flower Girl in my wedding earlier this year, however she continually claimed that she was the bride. When asked who was marrying Corey she would reply "Ava", or when asked "Who is getting married? she would say "I is!".

Ava was very difficult with the photographer and quite demanding, she might as well have been the bride!

She would suddenly become camera shy

Then suddenly smile like a doll

She would even manage to get herself into the photos she was asked to stand out of.

After all, it was 'her' wedding.

Then it was the big moment, Ava didn't realize there would be so many people!

She was finally the center of attention! I wonder if it was all that she had dreamed of?

She was more than willing to put it on for the camera.

But when the photographer had Corey and I kiss, she was peeved!

She cheered herself up by dancing with plenty of men.

Ava was the happiest 4 year old bride anyone had ever seen!

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