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Monday, May 3, 2010

2 Stories: Paparazzi and Pink!

The other day Ava walked up to her mother and asked what her Grandma Roddy's first name was. Desirie said "Her name is Brooks". Ava smiled up at Desirie very smuggly and said "I know what Grandpa Roddy's name is!" Desirie smiled thinking she would say just say the name Dave. But instead Ava blurted out "It's Paparazzi!" (She had heard her cousins call him papa Roddy and didn't understand what they had been saying). When Desirie heard her say this she burst out laughing and Ava got very angry, she thought she had really figured it out.

Desirie brought Ava into Sephora to pick out some cover-up. Desirie had to ask a salesgirl for help, she wanted to know if the makeup contained oil. The salesgirl looked very confused and didn't know where to look as she examined the bottle. Ava stood there getting frustrated as well and said with classic Ava 'tude, "Do you know what you're doing?" The sales girl smiled nervously at Desirie and Ava and asked a very flamboyant man dressed in a bright pink shirt working at the main counter if the makeup had oil. He threw his arms up and screamed in annoyance "ALL THE INFORMATION IS PASTED ON SHELVE!!!" To which Ava replied loudly "I don't like that Pink Lady!"

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