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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ava goes to the Doctor

Taking my niece Ava out in public is always a risk, because of her unpredictability. Of course this is something my older sister has to deal with everyday. Early this summer, my older sister took Ava,her 4th born along with her to the doctors office for her 5th born, Luke's routine checkup.

While waiting for the doctor in an exam room, a nurse decided to get friendly with Ava. She probably saw the blonde hair, round blue eyes, chubby face and innocent smile and thought, this child looks harmless. Little did she know that Ava's appearance is very deceiving.

The nurse raised the pitch of her voice to speak to Ava in a perky and overly happy tone, "is your name Ava?" she asked. Ava nodded and answered "yeah". The nurse got perkier, "WOW! That's a pretty name, did you know that I have a daughter named Eva, and she has an older sister named Megan, they are around your age...". As the nurse went on, the wheels and gears started to turn in Ava's little noggin. It is important to know that Ava hardly ever meets people like this woman, her mother is hardly ever that perky, most of us being more sarcastic and real, she started to get very irritated by this woman who was talking to her like she was a baby. So as the woman was midsentence in her sickeningly perky chatter of " did you know that I have a daughter named Eva, and she has an older sister named Megan, they are around ..." Ava looked up at this woman and stated "I don't care". The nurse was immediately taken aback. My sister Desirie was mortified. The nurse smiled awkwardly and left the exam room. Ava sat casually on the exam, totally unaware of doing anything wrong.

After seeing the doctor, they waited for some paperwork to go through out in the main waiting room as Ava sat at a small table and colored on blank pieces of construction paper. The doctor came out and handed some things to my sister Desirie and looked down at the picture Ava was drawing. "Wow That's great, who is that a picture of?" Ava answered, "My Mama". The doctor smiled, "Well that's beautiful drawing!" To which Ava looked up at the doctor and replied "No it's not! It's Disgusting!" The doctor was of course shocked and probably a little scared but smiled. Desirie was by that time desperate to get out of the doctors office as quickly as possible. Ava was again clueless she had said anything out of the ordinary. It was just another day in the life of Ava.

- Aunt Jayne

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